Netflix and Stay Home

Social distancing helps to flatten the curve on the spread of the Coronavirus. While we all do our part, those at home are more likely to want to watch and stream content not directly related to the global pandemic. Here is a list of binge-worthy Netflix shows highlighting skills from different parts of the creative field. Continue reading Netflix and Stay Home

Reflection of the First Year

This week officially marks the end of my first year of going back to college. Back in January, I blogged about my decision to go back to college. This choice wasn’t the easiest to make. My emotions were all over the place, and I feared the unknown probability of becoming successful after starting courses.

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Don’t Get Comfortable on a Plateau

Here’s the deal I’m going back to college.

Back in 2014, I thought I would never want to go back to college. A simple assumption based on the mentality I was happy to be done with juggling work and classes. It took two years to come to this decision. During those two years, I attempted to learn more skills on my own and through online services. I lacked the motivation and understanding to follow along loosely created programs. While still desiring to improve my skill set I settled on the idea to get an associate degree in web design (AAS).

Being a graphic designer also means understanding your field and competition are forever evolving. If I can leave one thing with fellow and future designers it would be; don’t get comfortable on a plateau. No, seriously you should be on a constant drive to improve or learn.

Here is a story to explain

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How to Get Graphic Design Experience

These tips are for people who are interested in working in-house.

You know the struggle to get a job but you need a job for experience? The graphic design field is notorious for requiring a few years of experience before hiring someone. Below you will find a list of three methods to obtain design experience.

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