How to Get Graphic Design Experience

These tips are for people who are interested in working in-house.

You know the struggle to get a job but you need a job for experience? The graphic design field is notorious for requiring a few years of experience before hiring someone. Below you will find a list of three methods to obtain design experience.

1. Internships
An internship is a great way to learn skills in a work environment. You can find paid or unpaid internships on job sites like*. Projects from an internship can help develop your portfolio.

2. Volunteering
If you have the ability to provide your time, for free, volunteering is an option for you. Sites like* provide nonprofits a platform to find assistance with their needs. Not only is it a feel-good moment to volunteer but it also helps in your need for experience.

3. Freelancing
Freelancing is networking heavy but can get you real clients for your real life bills. If you’re not ready to take charge on your own there are websites that host freelancers for a fee.

Bonus tip:
Regardless of which method you use to gain experience build relationships with the people you meet along the way. More often than not you’ll find your next opportunity through the people you know. Consider going to events for creatives, and meet others in your field.

[*I’m not sponsored by these companies. I have personally used these sites.]

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