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Social distancing helps to flatten the curve on the spread of the Coronavirus. While we all do our part, those at home are more likely to want to watch and stream content not directly related to the global pandemic. Here is a list of binge-worthy Netflix shows highlighting skills from different parts of the creative field.

Next in Fashion (2020)
This reality fashion competition hosted by Tan France and Alexa Chung fuels the early Project Runway nostalgia minus the overdone drama. This competition takes fashion reality shows to the next level.

Interior Design Masters (2019)
Take ten interior designers with a dash of Fixer Upper on a smaller scale and you’ll have the perfect season to watch. This competition focuses on the skills of the designers while providing the opportunity for the winner to sign a commercial deal with a London hotel.

Blown Away (2019)
Glass blowing artisans compete to win a residency for the Corning Museum of Glass. This reality show punches up the drama and emotions throughout the season.

Glow Up (2019)
Leave everyday makeup at home this competition is here to push the boundaries. The BBC Three original show takes ten makeup artists from around the UK and tests their skills.

The Final Table (2018)
Binge-worthy lists wouldn’t be complete without mentions of cooking competitions. Twelve pairs of international chefs battle head to head preparing well-known dishes from various countries each episode.

The Great British Baking Show (2012)
Also known as The Great British Bake Off is one of the most wholesome baking competitions to exist. The premise is to have amateur bakers compete against each other, but these competitors’ skills are far from cookie cutter.

Skin Wars (2014-2016)
Three seasons of optical illusions created by painters hosted by Mystique herself, Rebecca Romijn. The short-lived series explores the unique art of painting on a human canvas.

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