Three Alternatives to Using Google Analytics

Google is the leader of web browsing, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore other tools to use for analytics. There are a plethora of competitors for Google Analytics which lead me to look for some companies that are being brought up repeatedly. Three services that I saw mentioned consistently were Woopra, Heap, and Matomo (Formally known as Piwik).


Woopra is a service that comes with 50+ different forms of integrations from Salesforce, Google Ads, Google Drive, and more. Woopra has a great UX/UI for the analytic reports which makes it easier to see how the data trends for different reports. This product gives companies the ability to analyze their customer’s buyers’ journey. One highlight I found was the retention reports, which highlight the customers at risk for not returning. Woopra is transparent about pricing options including their free “Core Learn & Experiment” choice that includes 90-day data retention, 30+ integrations, and 500k actions per month.


Heap promotes their analytics product as something easy to install and offers a four-tiered pricing list starting with free options. Something I found interesting with Heap is that users don’t have to specify what to track in advance with their snippet. Past behavioral data is always stored and available. I prefer to know how much something is before I dive into signing up for a product or service. I dislike not being able to easily see the costs of Heap products. Overall Heap is made to give data about products and how customers will interact with those products.


Matomo is very candid with showing how their products are secure and not using data for “own purposes” which has become a concern for people losing customers after getting prompts for permission to collect information. Matomo can be hosted on servers that you own if there is still a concern about sensitive data being leaked. Another perk of Matomo is users can import historic Google Analytics data.

The best way to be informed on analytics is to explore multiple tools and find what works best for your business or clients’ needs. While Google is a leader, explore options that can collect more information that you may otherwise miss.

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