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Tutorial: Embossing

Hey, ya’ll! I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on embossing.

Materials used:
– Moxy embossing powder (high gloss and opaque white)
– Ranger “Emboss It” pen in black
– Heat gun
– Black crafting paper

[Note steps 2 and 3 need to be done quickly to avoid the pen ink drying.]

Step 1:
Use the “Emboss It” pen in black and write the word “Ghost”.

Ranger emboss it pen embossing

Step 2:
Next, take the high gloss powder to sprinkle on the top half of the word. Then dump the excess powder onto a tray or back into the container of the powder. [Note: I tap the back of my paper to get the powder that isn’t stuck to the pen ink off. ]

high gloss powder

Step 3:
Use the opaque white powder and cover the bottom half of your word. Remove the excess powder.

Embossing white powder

Your piece so far should look like this:


Step 4:
Finally using the heat gun hover 5-6″ above the word you have covered in embossing powder. I find it easier to go in a circular motion. [You will know the powder has heated enough once the high gloss appears clear and the opaque white is brighter. ]

embossing ghost


Be sure to let me know if you followed this tutorial. You can contact me on: Facebook and Instagram.



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