Tutorial: How to Use Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is low opacity paper. A benefit of this see-through paper is the ability to copy an image or drawing by hand. The purpose of transferring an image is to avoid damaging the final product. Heavier stock paper, like watercolor paper, can tear easily while fixing errors.

Materials used:
-Strathmore Tracing Paper
-Graphite Pencils [2H and 5B]
-Canson Watercolor Paper

1- Using the 2H pencil draw your desired image onto the tracing paper sheet.
2 – Flip the tracing paper over. Go over the lines of the drawing with a 5B or softer pencil.
3- Next position the illustration, 2H side facing up, onto the watercolor paper. [Tip: you can use tape to keep the tracing paper in place.]
4- Trace over the drawing using the 2H pencil.
5- After tracing the image remove the tracing paper.

Video Reference:

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