Tutorial: Poppy Flower Color

Hey, ya’ll! For this tutorial, I am showing you how to color a poppy drawing using Tombow Dual Brush Pens. This is the same illustration seen in my “How to Use Tracing Paper” blog post. Please refer to that post if you need help getting your drawing on the final material. [Click here for the tracing tutorial]

Materials used:
-Tombow Dual Brush + Blending Pens
-Canson Watercolor Paper
-Aquastroke brush [this is optional, any brush and a cup of water also works]

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Swatches:

[Note: #277 was used for the stem. #847 used on the petals. #N55, #535, and #N15 for the center of the open flowers.]

Poppy Flower Swatches


[I started with the stem of my poppy flower, but feel free to start wherever is most comfortable for you.]

1- First start with short single strokes* of color within the lines of your drawing. Be sure to avoid coloring in the space. [Note*: larger areas will need more strokes of color.]
2- Then take your blending pen to expand the color through the area you’re coloring. [If you would like more opacity lightly add strokes of color then blend out with the blending pen.]
3- Next to avoid losing elements outline segments of the drawing the same color used to color it in. [Tip: Use the fine point of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen]
4- Optional: if you want to smooth out your colors take a damp brush and use it to soften any patchy areas.

Video Reference:


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